Ohio’s goofiest Senator, Sherrod Brown, took a firm stand demanding consumers in Ohio and throughout the United States should pay higher prices for goods coming from China. The Hill reports that Brown is demanding action from Congress that would raise consumer prices.

Brown is complaining that China is “manipulating” its currency to give lower prices to US consumers. I suspect that Brown does not understand what China is actually doing. He is simply saying what the unions are telling him to say.

What a guy. Dump his sorry butt at the first opportunity. It is a shame we have to wait until 2010 to get rid of him.


From the The Morning Journal (serving Northern Ohio) where you can read it all:

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, has been picked for a seat on the Senate Appropriations Committee which holds the purse strings, so to speak, on much federal spending.

That is a powerful position in the nation’s capital, and we hope Brown wields his financial powers wisely. To our mind, that would mean doing everything possible to moderate the out-of-control gusher of federal spending unleashed by the Obama Administration and a willing Congress.

The D.C. crowd has to stop spending money the United States must borrow from the Chinese, leaving a titanic bill for our children and their descendants to pay plus interest. The swelling debt threatens our nation’s future and inhibits economic recovery from the recession.

But given the tone of Brown’s own announcement of his committee appointment, we don’t have much hope of him cracking down on irresponsible spending.

Don’t bother trying to get Sherrod Brown to crack down on irresponsible spending. I think he likes irresponsible spending. The problem is that he has no conception of what is and is not responsible when it comes to the government dollar.

Paraphrasing P.J. O’Rourke (I think), putting Sherrod Brown on the appropriations committee is like giving a teenager the car keys and a credit card.

With Ohio’s empty-suit Senator, one must keep things simple. This ad explains the stimulus so clearly and simply that even Sherrod Brown might understand.

Don’t count on it, though.

Of course, all economics are beyond Sherrod Brown.

I’m sure Senator Sherrod Brown failed to appreciate the irony that he appeared in Brooklyn, Ohio, to celebrate the first empty suit off the Hugo Boss line (the first after reaching an agreement that keeps the plant open).

From one empty suit to another, I guess.

Could Sherrod Brown be any more of an embarrassment for Ohio:

During a bipartisan education seminar for congressional interns last week, Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown told a crowd of young people that those who opposed the Democrats’ health-care reform plan were on the wrong side of history, much like segregationists who opposed the Civil Rights movement.

While most speakers who participate in the summer lecture series discuss what it’s like working in Washington or use the time to motivate the internship class, some who were present during the Tuesday meeting said Brown took the opportunity to launch what they considered to be “a partisan attack.”

“He said that people who were opposed to health-care reform were similar to the bigots and racists that were against desegregation reform,” a Republican congressional intern who attended the lecture told The Daily Caller. The intern requested not to be named. “It was ridiculous,” he added.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/06/30/ohio-democrat-sherrod-brown-shows-innocent-interns-what-washington-is-really-like/#ixzz0sMEh0fz3

Earth to Sherrod Brown: You, Sir, are on the wrong side of economics (which you clearly do not understand).