August 2010

Sherrod Brown excuses the ground zero mosque by stating, “We are not at war with a religion.” We all understand that he is not the brightest bulb. We all understand that we are not at war with a religion, but that has nothing to do with the slap-in-the-face effect and intent of the ground zero mosque.

Here is the link.

That Kimberly Gill appears to be a real piece of work. she labels Karl Rove as representing Conservatives agitating against the mosque, and by implication Harry Reid (unlabeled by her) is another conservative against the mosque. She never acknowledges that Harry Reid is a liberal/progressive. Apparently in her biased world, if you oppose the ground zero mosque, you are a conservative / Republican (interchangeable terms in her world).

Sherrod Brown continues to embarrass all Ohioans.


Ohio’s goofiest Senator, Sherrod Brown, took a firm stand demanding consumers in Ohio and throughout the United States should pay higher prices for goods coming from China. The Hill reports that Brown is demanding action from Congress that would raise consumer prices.

Brown is complaining that China is “manipulating” its currency to give lower prices to US consumers. I suspect that Brown does not understand what China is actually doing. He is simply saying what the unions are telling him to say.

What a guy. Dump his sorry butt at the first opportunity. It is a shame we have to wait until 2010 to get rid of him.