June 2010


Could Sherrod Brown be any more of an embarrassment for Ohio:

During a bipartisan education seminar for congressional interns last week, Ohio Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown told a crowd of young people that those who opposed the Democrats’ health-care reform plan were on the wrong side of history, much like segregationists who opposed the Civil Rights movement.

While most speakers who participate in the summer lecture series discuss what it’s like working in Washington or use the time to motivate the internship class, some who were present during the Tuesday meeting said Brown took the opportunity to launch what they considered to be “a partisan attack.”

“He said that people who were opposed to health-care reform were similar to the bigots and racists that were against desegregation reform,” a Republican congressional intern who attended the lecture told The Daily Caller. The intern requested not to be named. “It was ridiculous,” he added.

Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/06/30/ohio-democrat-sherrod-brown-shows-innocent-interns-what-washington-is-really-like/#ixzz0sMEh0fz3

Earth to Sherrod Brown: You, Sir, are on the wrong side of economics (which you clearly do not understand).