Some years ago the book entitled The Peter Principle posited that people rise to their level of incompetence. When they perform competently, they get promoted until finally they reach a job that they cannot competently perform. Now, Sherrod Brown chairs a Senate subcommittee on economic policy.

If there is anyone in the United States Senate who knows less about economics than Sherrod Brown, I don’t know who that could possibly be. As Ohio’s most liberal Senator ever hob-nobbing with Obama’s far-left fantasy dream team administration, Sherrod Brown is not getting any rational education, either.

I was an economics major in college and have maintained a strong interest in the subject. Examining Sherrod Brown’s statements on the subject, it seems to me that his understanding of economics seems about the level of a middle school Marxist. Supply and demand concepts are well beyond him. He thinks today’s crony capitalism (lobbying government to gain business advantage) has some actual relationship to free market capitalism.

Sherrod Brown chairing an economic policy subcommittee in the Senate is truly scary.