February 2010

Ohio’s moronic Senator Sherrod Brown is more or less backing Sen. Harry Reid’s so-called jobs bill, but wants more government program and fewer tax breaks in the bill.

Loony-Left Brown’s lack of economic education and understanding plagues Ohio and to the extent he has any influence in Washington, the entire country. Be test government program, of course, would be getting rid of government programs whose excessive and sometimes ridiculous regulations, cost jobs.

But don’t expect Sherrod Brown even to understand that point of view. His comprehension of economics is disturbingly poor.

He need to be gone at the next election.


From the Cleveland Plain Dealer letters:

Message to Sen. Sherrod Brown: Let your votes show you support American manufacturers

February 17, 2010, 4:03AM
On Feb. 3 our Democratic U.S. senator penned a letter that appeared in The Plain Dealer. In this letter, he emphasized how important manufacturing is to this area and to America in general.

In an interesting paradox, the senator pledged support for manufacturing, yet in Washington he consistently votes for things like cap-and-trade, which further handicaps American industry.

Senator, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t pay lip service to manufacturing here and then, when you are back in Washington, vote along party lines with the radical environmentalists and those believers in the theory of global warming who seek to eliminate manufacturing.

Manufacturing left America in search not only of cheaper labor, but of less restrictive government. Why would anyone build a factory here and have to deal with the paperwork and the legal battles with the environmentalists when they can relocate to China, where the Chinese will welcome them with open arms.

I like clean air and water as much as the next guy, but I like to pay my bills and eat, too. You cannot manufacture an omelet without breaking an egg.

Senator, if you really want to help bring manufacturing back to this area, stop backing restrictive laws and placing unrealistic regulations on those who might seek to manufacture things in America.

John J. Meredyk, Sagamore Hills

Looney left Sherrod Brown is at it again. After the Democrats created massive opportunities for abuse of federal dollars, in part by bailing out AIG and others, Sherrod Brown wants to punish the giving of bonuses by bailed out institution, to the tune of a 56% tax rate. So he introduced a bill to tax after-the-fact bonuses given by AIG and other bailed out companies.

We all hate greed with federal dollars. The real solution is to be stingier with those dollars in the first place. Cut federal pork. The porkulus and other massive spending bills make waste and abuse inevitable.

It is horrible tax policy to pass a punitive tax after-the-fact on money previously paid. Tax policy should never be used for punitive purposes. Of course, horrible policy is Sherrod’s middle name.

If the bill passes, you can be quite sure that innocent will be punished with the guilty.

If there is a problem (and it does sound pretty bad), ex post facto tax policy is a truly evil way of dealing with iit.

Every time Sherrod Brown opens his mouth, it just makes me want to put my head in my hands and sob. How did this guy ever get elected?

This time, here is the quote:

Reid may not be able to count on the full support of his own party for the measure, as liberal Democrats are protesting its heavy emphasis on tax breaks. Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) said the parts of the bill he’s seen haven’t convinced him to back it.

“Why not think about things like taxing bonuses and send money directly into small-business loans?” Brown said. “Things like that we need to be talking about, not some of the same old, same old.”

This is truly spoken by a guy who has never been in business. First, most “bonuses” are paid in small businesses, because the cash flow is too uncertain to support a steady payroll. Second, in many businesses, the “bonus” is actually part of the compensation, usually as an incentive to high production. So, once again, Ohio’s moron Senator wants to discourage productivity by taxing it. Then he wants to take the money earned by businesses and loan it back to them.

This guy is way too hopey changey for me. And for Ohio. We need someone in office with actual real world experience.

We can hardly wait to dump Sherrod in the next available election. Too bad we have to wait until 2012.

Last week, President Obama admitted that after months and months of promises over and over again that the proposed health care legislation would no force anyone to change their insurance of change their doctor that provisions “snuck in” the bill violated those oft repeated promises.

Wow. Sherrod Brown had previously denied such shenanigans, calling them “GOP lies.” Who is the liar now?

President Obama did not specifically name Sherrod Brown as the sneak specifically. But it was Senator “Looney Left” Brown and his Senatorial co-conspirators who were responsible for the sneaking the President referred to.

This comes as no surprise to us of course. Sherrod Brown has bee diligently working to destroy your health care freedom. He loves the nanny state. He wants more of the nanny state.

Time is reporting on how the Democrats could lost control of the United States Senate in 2010.

It is too bad Sherrod Brown’s seat is not up for election this year. We’d love to see him swept out of office. It is too bad we have to wait until 2012.

The Hill is reporting today that Sherrod Brown is working hard behind the scenes to destroy America’s health care freedom…just when we thought we could breath a bit easier.

The Sherrod “Looney-Left” Brown horror show continues. Where did we ever find this doofus?

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