January 2010

America is collectively rejoicing in the failure of the Obamacare health care bills that appear to have effectively died with special Senatorial election in Massachusetts. Most Americans are praising their respective deities that Sherrod Brown and his far-left cronies in Washington have failed in the effort to destroy America’s health care system.

Ironically, it was another Brown, Scott Brown (no relation), whose election has allowed Americans to keep their health care freedom for at least a little while longer.

The only way to keep America’s health care freedom safe is to boot folks like Sherrod Brown out of office at the next opportunity.


Sherrod Brown supports the the proposed card check legislation that would take away rights of workers.  Loosely translated, Sen. Brown says, “workers don’t need no stinking secret ballots, Man.  They might vote against the union. Can’t have that.   Card presented by burly union thug (I mean, organizer), no taking back, Man.”

Of course, he didn’t really say that quote exactly, but that is what his position means.

As an elected official, Brown is a menace to civil society.

With the majority of Americans and Ohioans opposing both government health care “reform” plan on the table, that is both the House version and the Senate version,  Sherrod Brown hold a telephonic townhall meeting to which only leftists were invited.  This douchebag of a Senator can’t face the rest of Ohioans, because they see him for the left wing whack-job that he is.

If he can’t preach to the choir, he won’t talk at all.  We need to get rid of this clown, Sherrod Brown at the next opportunity.

Even the left is attacking Sherrod Brown.  See The Hill.

Senator Brown has to go, but his resignation is really too much to hope for.