Who is Sherrod Brown?

He is an empty suit with an advanced degree and a pleasant personality.  Thanks to “Brown” being a really good political name in Ohio, he is also a United States Senator.  (Based upon extensive personal experience with the office, he was the worst Secretary of State Ohio ever had from the customer service perspective.)

Is there anything positive about Sherrod Brown?

Yes.  He has a pleasant personality.  He is good at responding to the problems of individual constituents (while throwing the rest of us under the bus).

What does Sherrod Brown know about economics?

Absolutely nothing.  His level of understanding, based upon the way he votes and speaks, is middle school Marxist.  He does not appear to understand that Congress cannot legislate the laws of economics.  The laws of economics are like the laws of gravity.  Congress cannot tell things to fall up.  He does not  appear to understand that.

Is he a really a socialist or Marxist?

Well, he would not label himself that way, but he votes with them.  Every time.  Consistently.  Without fail.  He is a far, far, far left ideologue.

What about the private sector?

Senator Brown’s knowledge of the private sector is purely theoretical.  He has spent (wasted) his whole life feeding at the public trough.

Where does he stand on health care reform?

He wasn’t to take away everyone’s health care freedom.  He wasn’t the government in control   Imation the Bureau of Motor vehicles running health care.  He actually believes that government will be economically efficient, fair and do a good job.  He is a moron.

Where does he stand on gun control?

He deliberately misleads his constituent who ask by saying that  he believes in the Second amendment.  Based upon his voting, that appear to mean he believes that the Second Amendment exists, but does not mean anything, really.  The NRA rates his voting record as “F.”

How soon can we get rid of him?

2012 elections.