Sherrod Brown is so bad, it get really tiring detailing his antics.  They man is truly moronic, and keeps proving it whenever he opens his mouth.

Unfortunately, in Ohio, “Brown” is a great last name to have if you want to run for office.  It is hard to lose with that last name.

Here, I link to an excellent article that  debunks what it calls, Sherrod Brown’s Top Ten Lies.  I give him that benefit of the doubt.  He is stupid enough to believe that stuff that he says.  He is consistently wrong, but you can’t fix stupid. 


According to CNN, Senator Brown, Ohio’s Empty Suit Senator, is “polling well.”

We need to do a better job getting the word out about what a doofus this guy is.

He voted to mandate those dangerous, mercury included, even exploding, light bulbs in every household.

Senator Brown supported Obamacare, but was disappointed that we did not get a socialist single-payer system, like to one the Canadian big-wigs come to the United States to escape.

Bad choice, bad guy.

Pretty much anyone would be a better choice than he is, I think. We must rally the troops to defeat him. Where to we sign up!!!

Sherrod Browm says opposition to unions is Stalin-like and Hitler-like. And then says he is not comparing what is happening in Columbus and Madison to Stalin and Hitler.


We really, really need to get rid of this guy in 2012.

I cringe every time the man opens his mouth. I wish I had the time to chronicle his idiocy on a day-to-day basis.

Brown weighed in on the MSNBC Joe Scarboough show opining that the health care debate rhetoric caused the shooting the Gabrielle Giffords. Article here.

Forget that the shooter Loughner had serious mental issues.

Forget the Loughner had Karl Marx’s A Communist Manifesto as part of his library.

Forget the Loughner had Adoph Hitler’s Mein Kampf as part of his library.

What an empty suit Brown is. The 2012 election cannot come soon enough.

Here is another report on the quote from our dimwitted Senator from the Scarborough show:

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio) said the sometimes violence-laced remarks from Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly and other political commentators should be toned down, but were likely not the impetus for the shooting spree.

“Violence-laced remarks?” I have never, ever heard Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly advocate violence or make any violent laced remark. Ever. And neither has Brown, who evidently gets his information strictly from left-wing blogs.

What a douche-bag.

Here is what Senator Brown said about the extension of unemployment benefits that the Cleveland Plain Dealer incorrectly analyzes as mostly true:

Understand, this is unemployment insurance. It’s not welfare, as a lot of my Republican colleagues like to suggest it is. You pay into it when you’re working. You get help when you’re not.

Not even close.

Employees do not pay for the unemployment “insurance” — which is really a tax, because it is not voluntary — except in the most rarified economic sense. That is, theoretically, employer could pay higher wages if the employer did not have to pay the unemployment compensation tax. Of course, when the unemployment folks raise the employer’s rates, there is no automatic decrease in wages to pay for it. Furthermore, the progressives who got the tax enacted certainly never sold it to the unions and working public as a tax that they would have to pay.

No. Mr. Brown’s statement that workers pay the tax is neither legally correct nor honest.

It is welfare. It is a transfer payment that goes from the pockets of employers through the government agency then into the pocket of the unemployed. There is no insurance system in any real sense. In real insurance, the insurance company takes in premiums, pays out benefits, and makes money by investing the float. Government “insurance” does not work that way. The only resemblance to insurance is that the taxes (they call premiums) will vary based upon the employer’s experience rating.

The efforts to legislatively extend benefits provesthat it is welfare and not insurance. If it were insurance, a rational insurer would know that it has not collected enough premiums to pay for greater the benefits.

No. It is a tax and welfare system, pure and simple. Worse, it is welfare system that rewards failure and is fraught with fraud.

Anyone who knows many recipients of unemployment benefit knows that they are not lazy, they will work, but only for “under the table” cash, so their unemployment checks will not be affected.

Senator “S**t-for-Brains” Brown would not know about such things. Or he is such a demagogue he does not care.

He has got to go in 2012.

Sherrod Brown excuses the ground zero mosque by stating, “We are not at war with a religion.” We all understand that he is not the brightest bulb. We all understand that we are not at war with a religion, but that has nothing to do with the slap-in-the-face effect and intent of the ground zero mosque.

Here is the link.

That Kimberly Gill appears to be a real piece of work. she labels Karl Rove as representing Conservatives agitating against the mosque, and by implication Harry Reid (unlabeled by her) is another conservative against the mosque. She never acknowledges that Harry Reid is a liberal/progressive. Apparently in her biased world, if you oppose the ground zero mosque, you are a conservative / Republican (interchangeable terms in her world).

Sherrod Brown continues to embarrass all Ohioans.

Ohio’s goofiest Senator, Sherrod Brown, took a firm stand demanding consumers in Ohio and throughout the United States should pay higher prices for goods coming from China. The Hill reports that Brown is demanding action from Congress that would raise consumer prices.

Brown is complaining that China is “manipulating” its currency to give lower prices to US consumers. I suspect that Brown does not understand what China is actually doing. He is simply saying what the unions are telling him to say.

What a guy. Dump his sorry butt at the first opportunity. It is a shame we have to wait until 2010 to get rid of him.

From the The Morning Journal (serving Northern Ohio) where you can read it all:

Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown, a Democrat, has been picked for a seat on the Senate Appropriations Committee which holds the purse strings, so to speak, on much federal spending.

That is a powerful position in the nation’s capital, and we hope Brown wields his financial powers wisely. To our mind, that would mean doing everything possible to moderate the out-of-control gusher of federal spending unleashed by the Obama Administration and a willing Congress.

The D.C. crowd has to stop spending money the United States must borrow from the Chinese, leaving a titanic bill for our children and their descendants to pay plus interest. The swelling debt threatens our nation’s future and inhibits economic recovery from the recession.

But given the tone of Brown’s own announcement of his committee appointment, we don’t have much hope of him cracking down on irresponsible spending.

Don’t bother trying to get Sherrod Brown to crack down on irresponsible spending. I think he likes irresponsible spending. The problem is that he has no conception of what is and is not responsible when it comes to the government dollar.

Paraphrasing P.J. O’Rourke (I think), putting Sherrod Brown on the appropriations committee is like giving a teenager the car keys and a credit card.

With Ohio’s empty-suit Senator, one must keep things simple. This ad explains the stimulus so clearly and simply that even Sherrod Brown might understand.

Don’t count on it, though.